5 Essential Art Supplies You Should Consider Buying for Your Child

5 Essential Art Supplies You Should Consider Buying for Your Child
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Art materials are as important for kids as toys. Some or the other time your toddler would grab a pencil and draw pictures on walls or any plain surface she finds convenient.

Although this may or may not be exciting for you, it’s a clear indication that you should bring her art supplies.

Today stores of children’s amusement supplies like https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/ can open up a treasure of bright, shiny art materials before you and you may easily get overwhelmed and confused about what to buy and what not to.

Here you’ll have to sit and think over how you should start. Well, it’s a good idea to start simple.

Instead of buying a whole range of supplies, that your child may or may not be interested to use and whatever he won’t use will keep lying in the cupboard for years, you can start with only a few things.

Later as your baby’s interest grows, you can go on adding to her stock so as to present her something new every time which she’ll develop interest in.

This way, you can get an idea about your toddler’s exact liking and choices which can be good directions for you during the shopping.

Here are a few art materials that you can introduce to your child and help develop an interest in him about using them to express himself.

You can even buy the very convenient and colourful art kits for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or from your trusted toy store that come in very attractive storage things that your little one would love.

1. Tempera Paint

When children are growing, they need convenient materials to express what is on their mind, and therefore giving them colours that they can handle easily is a good idea.

Tempera paints are ideal for this situation because they have a consistency of house paints.

They are available in bottles like that of shampoo which can be squeezed onto a plate and then imprinted with paintbrushes, cotton balls, sponges, or whatever the child may like to use.

Giving your child washable tempera paints is obviously a good idea to clean up the mess later.

2. Paintbrushes

If your child has paints, she’ll also need to transfer them on paper or other surfaces, and so she essentially needs paintbrushes.

They come in a variety of sizes so as to create strokes of varying sizes. Find versatile ones which can be used with a variety of types of colouring materials, including tempera, watercolours and acrylic paints.

3. Adhesives and Scissors

If your child is more into sculpting than drawing and painting, you’ll essentially need various adhesives like glue, tapes and stickers.

So also, he will need good scissors to cut papers and other materials to create his favourite things. However, make sure you supervise him while he’s using the scissors.

4. Accessories

Once your child creates a drawing or a sculpture, she will need to accessorise it with sequins, feathers, pebbles and more. Offer her that.

Plus, you can tickle her creativity by teaching how to use various goodies offered by the nature, like colourful rocks and stones, flowers, leaves and so on.

5. Recyclables

While your toddler is learning to create art, you can teach him how to make the best use of everything available rather than throwing things away and sending them to landfills.

These are the packaging things like cardboard boxes, leftover pieces of paper, empty tubes, bottles and cans, broken crayons, pencils and paintbrushes, and more.

Just trigger his creativity and you’ll be surprised with the innovations he’ll make.

And last but not the least, always encourage your child for whatever she has achieved, although you may not like her creation at first.

Besides the colourful art materials, your encouragement is the most important thing your child should get for her proper and healthy growth.

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