5 Proven Strategies for Monitoring Employee Facebook Usage at Work

5 Proven Strategies for Monitoring Employee Facebook Usage at Work
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You took a break from work to check the Facebook feed, and then watched videos of cats in a loop. Often these few side-breaks become minutes, and before you know it, you’ve wasted time reading random things in your friend’s chronology.

More than three-quarters of US companies are in a sense; they oversee the websites their employees access.

Effects of Using Facebook by Employees at Work

Lost time

If your employees are on Facebook during work hours, it will be a waste of time for your organization.

Low productivity

While your employees are constantly distracted and annoyed while they work, their productivity drops.

Reduction of profitability

As employee productivity decreases, so do the profitability of your business. As you spend more time doing routine tasks, you will not reach your goals or lose time.

Scheduling failure

Organizations often schedule agendas based on employee time estimates. Most of the time gets wasted on Facebook; these times are no longer ideal and lead to a discrepancy between expectations and results.

Difficulties in estimating hours worked

Since your employees Facebook activities affect working hours, it’s difficult to estimate how much time they spend on their own. If you try to pay them exactly for hours worked, this will be a nuisance.

The Best Tool for Monitoring the Use of Facebook in Office

There are several automatic tools, e.g.,Work Examiner, which allows you to monitor and even block Facebook during productive hours. These tools are generally run at the bottom of an employee’s computer and keep track of the locations where they are logged in and for how long. In this way, a supervisor has an accurate picture of where employees are during the workday.

Some Erroneous Monitoring Methods

There are many ways in which companies make mistakes when implementing a tracking system.Here are some methods you should not choose:

General Prohibition of all “non-work” locations

Yes, many companies still follow this approach!Of course, none of your employees can access the company server during business hours on Facebook.

But nobody can access something that the IT department does not classify as “work.” Your employees need to tell IT to unlock websites every time they want to do a simple Google search.

Block Facebook

Locking a website is a common method, but it’s not ideal.It is because the company’s IP configuration often blocks websites. If youare connecting to the company’s Internet, you cannot use Facebook.

However, there are no restrictions for employees who use their mobile data to access Facebook from their phone.


Trying to use a successful employee tracking solution seems to be difficult. However, with the right tools and the right implementation, this can be an uninterrupted process that increases productivity without compromising morale.

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