5 Ways to Wear Nike to Increase your Style Quotient

5 Ways to Wear Nike to Increase your Style Quotient
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Nike has been one of the leading brands in sportswear over the last five decades. Ever since its inception in the 1960’s, it has slowly developed its market and gone on a widespread literal invasion. Most of its popularity is because of the numerous endorsement deals they have closed over the years with multiple athletes. It has given them visibility to an unimaginable extend. It is easily understandable from the impact its little Swoosh sign has. But more importantly, Nike has not stopped with creating solely sports-based clothing and footwear. They have carefully incorporated a sense of fashion in all their products, so that their customers do not have to choose one between sports and style. It was a great move on Nike’s behalf. You will get fashionable products from the different lines and ranges of Nike at https://www.gofynd.com/nike.

Here are 5 ways you can wear Nike and get your style quotient a notch higher.

  1. Go for bright trainer shoes

Nike will take care of the protection of your feet with its Fly-knit technology and React foam cushioning. All you need to do is choose the right pair to go with your other outfits. It is hard to find colorful sports shoes but, if you look hard enough you will come across the perfect pair. At gofynd.com, you will find some great collection of Nike shoes in different sizes and color schemes. There are blues, reds, and yellows in the shoe section of Nike. But, if you find them too much, you can always go for greys and pinks, or choose a neutral shade with the laces bright.

  1. Well fit trainer bottoms as casual trousers

Nike has some of the best gym trainer bottoms or jogger pants. They are comfortable, and if picked carefully, are absolutely snuggly fit, not too tight, neither too loose. They can be easily worn as casual trouser bottoms with t-shirts or shirts. Just remember to balance out the sports look with a semi-formal upper wear instead of going with a tee. The watch can be kept sporty with a big dial.

  1. Nike Dry-fit t-shirts make great upper wear

If you are wondering which is the easiest thing to slip on and leave for a casual outing, Nike has got your back with its dry-fit t-shirts. They come in amazing prints, and soak sweat and moisture to keep you dry in summer. Pair it with a pair of denims and shades, and you are good to go. Throw in trainer shoes as well; sporty look hardly ever goes wrong.

  1. Nike gym tights are perfect bottom wear

Gym tights are a blessing to mankind, and womankind as well. They soak in all the moisture, keep your leg muscles tones and taut, gives them shape and makes for a great casual wear overall. You can literally pair them with everything. From t-shirts to tops to even ethnic wear in case of women, gym tights are the garment to go. Once you start, you will be wearing it outside more than to the gym.

  1. Nike tops

Nike has colorful tops in all shades, and climate-friendly materials that are perfect for any occasion. You can smoothly transit from going to a run and then meeting a friend, and no one can guess where you have been.

With a little bit of creativity and fashion sense, you can use your Nike sportswear to make an amazingly stylish outfit, which you can wear outside your field, track and arena too. Find more fashionable items from Nike at gofynd.com.

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