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by Donald Phillips | June 17, 2018 6:52 am

The brokers, or intermediary agents, are dedicated to facilitating the sale of the ships they advertise, protecting and promoting the interests of their clients. In addition to making the boat known to a wide audience of potential buyers, they also help to ensure that the negotiations are carried out efficiently avoiding the many potential obstacles that the sale of any ship may encounter.

Although there are no specific legal requirements for the training and qualifications of Sprigg Yacht Broker Services[1].

Brokers usually specialize in certain types or lengths of vessels or operate in certain geographical areas, so choose one that already represents ships similar to yours and that operates near where you have the boat.

It is convenient to consult several Sprigg Yacht Broker Services by phone, email, or personally before deciding on one.

The role of the broker for the seller:

Prepare an advertising strategy – the broker will design a plan to define how the ship should be announced and what the most appropriate means of communication are.

Get ready the boat – the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Brokers[2] services will recommend you on the upgrading you require to make the boat good-looking in today’s market recognize possible problems and solutions and assist you sort out improvements and repairs. The broker can also help you find moorings or warehouses to make your boat more accessible during the sale

Prepare the announcements for the public: the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Brokers will prepare the announcements for distribution in different media both online and press, to send by email and mail to clients and other brokers and to distribute in nautical shows, events and to potential buyers who come to the agency.

The know-how of the broker – the brokers know better than anyone else the essentials of their profession: the property certificates, security regulations, purchase agreement and other documents necessary to register and transfer title deeds to vessels. They know the law and maritime privileges applicable to the types of boat they sell, and they will also be familiar with everything related to mortgages and transfer of property and other administrative procedures. The brokers dominate the agency contracts, the agreements that govern the announcements, closing procedures for the sale, deposit requirements and escrow account.

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Negotiation – a competent broker usually helps find a balance between seller and buyer that both could not have found without an intermediary.

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