How Escape Rooms Can Be Used to Encourage Teamwork Among Employees

How Escape Rooms Can Be Used to Encourage Teamwork Among Employees
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Having a team of employees bond over an experience is something that companies have been trying to support for years. In the past companies would do things such as 3 legged races, drum circles, trust falls, and company picnics. While those still go on most people don’t really enjoy any of this and there are issues such as a company picnic being rained on or someone getting hurt during a trust fall. 

Today, many corporate event planning committees turn to something more fun and that really gets a group of employees to work together. One of the popular ways of encouraging collaboration is to have employees take part in an escape room session. In these sessions, a group of employees, usually six to eight individuals, have to work together to solve problems and figure out the room they are in. These sessions typically cost $20 to $40 for each person so a company won’t break the bank footing the cost. 

The Wikipedia page on escape rooms, found here, shares the history of escape rooms. The first one was in Asia and before long around 8,000 of them are in places all over the world. Each room, or series of rooms, follows a theme such as escaping from a Maya pyramid or escaping from a prison. They started out for groups of friends or family but, seeing how they could benefit team building exercises, businesses started to send their employees to these businesses as well. 

Each session in an escape room lasts for one hour. No one individual can figure out the room so it takes a full team to do so with everyone getting the opportunity to shine. It’s a fun experience where the participants are fully immersed in a fantasy that they need to solve. On the practical side, these rooms build morale in employees and open up avenues of communication that didn’t exist before. 

One of the best part about escape rooms from a company perspective is that all they need to do is give their employees the address and time for where they will have their experience. These sessions are easy to organize and don’t require any cleanup unlike something like a picnic. These types of events can be considered an investment in employees and their relationships to one another. This leads to better productivity at work and higher employee morale. 

This article shares what a typical escape room session looks like. In this example, there is a serial killer on the loose and the participants need to solve riddles and clues to figure out who it is. While these are called escape rooms that’s actually a bit of a misnomer because they don’t always involve escape. Players try to complete the story in one hour and that can include finding hidden objects, entering passwords, or locating a secret door. 

Escape room sessions can be compared to older forms of storytelling such as role playing games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Each player serves a purpose in the story and their adventure takes place in a world far from their regular lives.

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