How is Artificial Turf Installed?

How is Artificial Turf Installed?
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A question that we usually ask is: How is artificial turf installed? Correct installation of artificial turf is relatively easy to perform, and although one is a little handyman can do it himself, always from us, we recommend for a perfect installation of residential artificial turf that is made by qualified professionals such as the extensive network. So, after this premise, we will go to explain in this article how artificial turf is installed.

Basically and insummary, you have to follow two big steps:

  • Preparation of the land where the artificial turf will be placed.
  • Installation and placement of the artificial turf itself.

Preparation of the Land for Installation of Artificial Turf

This step is essential to ensure a proper finish of our installation, which is why it must be done carefully and follow several steps:

  • Eliminate, if this is the case, existing grass or other materials that may have been seen
  • Decide how the irrigation system will be (locate nearest or better water intake and where the sprinklers will be placed)

Installation and Placement of the Base Material of Artificial Turf. 

Compact and level until the ground are completely flat.

Laying Artificial Turf

In the installation process of the artificial turf we also have to follow some steps that may be different in each specific case, but we could summarize them in the following points:

  • Check that the measurements of the terrain are the same as the artificial turf to be installed.
  • Spread the lawn looking for the correct orientation of the fibers.
  • Adjustment of the position of the turf blades.
  • The process of trimming the edges of the artificial grass left over.
  • Place, glue and seal the connection tapes.
  • Join the sheets on the joining tapes
  • Fix the perimeter of artificial turf with picks or glue.
  • Distribution of the silica sand in the entire area of our facility.
  • Finally distribute all the sand homogeneously, better with the help of a brush.
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