Impact Guru: A Profitable School Fundraising Option?

Impact Guru: A Profitable School Fundraising Option?
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Non-profits in India have it extremely difficult when it comes to raising money. Not only are they severely limited when it comes to raising funds, recent government crackdowns on non-profits receiving foreign aid have made their operation even more difficult. This is why many non-profit organizations have taken to using crowdfunding as a way of continuing their good work.

Non-profit fundraisers in India can be donations based and rewards based. Rewards based fundraising would entail presenting the contribution with some kind of reward after the contribution is made. Caps, t shirts, pens etc. are all rewards that can be provided.

For those who take the donations based crowdfunding route, there are plenty of options available to you too. Take for example Impact Guru, a Mumbai-based crowdfunding platform which is India’s largest in terms of medical crowdfunding. They also raise money for plenty of nonprofits, some of them involved in educating children.

Education is a fundamental right and plenty of NGOs are out there trying to make education accessible to all. Some fund students in different schools while others run schools themselves. Impact Guru has done projects where people have donated money and made education possible for plenty of students.

The Harvard incubated crowdfunding platform also has a partnership with Global Giving and this provides international donors with tax benefits.

If you are one of the many NGOs and individuals who are looking for a crowdfunding platform to host your school fundraising campaign, here are a few reasons why Impact Guru might be a profitable choice for you.

  1. Impact Guru has outreach in six countries. This means you can accept donations from abroad. This makes you more likely to raise money and meet your target. Your chances of crowdfunding success increase with us.
  2. Impact Guru provides you instant approval on your fundraiser. Your fundraiser need not be pending. You can start publicizing and campaigning for your fundraiser straight from the moment you make it.
  3. Impact Guru allows you to receive debt- free donations from across the world.
  4. You need not even be an NGO to raise money. If you are a student or a parent trying to raise money for your ward’s education, you can do so in just five minutes with Impact Guru. This saves a lot of your time.
  5. The website is fully mobile responsive. You can use the fundraiser and post it from your phone. You do not have to use your computer. Because it can be used from your phone, you can operate your fundraiser on the go.
  6. Impact Guru is a user friendly website willing to clear all your doubts and problems. Hence, we provide an end to end crowdfunding support service through email and chat. This can help you troubleshoot all your questions with us.

Crowdfunding sites in India are now more popular than ever. People are less queasy about asking for money and this has resulted in a boom in the crowdfunding industry. Cheaper internet enables us all to raise money online quite effectively.

NGOs are now in the middle of a culture which is increasingly open to giving. While education gets more expensive, there are many people who are willing to pay money in order to support the education of underprivileged kids.

Crowdfunding is a low- risk and zero- investment way of raising money for all kinds of causes. Education is one of them. Other than education crowdfunding, crowdfunding works for various other social causes too. Supporting survivors of sexual violence, disease and medical treatment are only some of the causes. You can start a fundraiser any time you want to.

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