Leave the camp, but the camp never leaves you

Leave the camp, but the camp never leaves you
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There is no wonder that the children who attend summer camps regularly grow up to become successful professionals in their lives. This is simply because camp life teaches us how to interact with the world. Many parents regard it as a home away from home. And there is a good reason for it. Academics will give you knowledge; extra co-curricular activities will develop your physical stamina. But camp life gives you real-life experience. It focuses on honing the soft skills of children that will be required in the college and professional lives ahead.

The upside of joining summer camps:

Students attend the school, often with the same peers, year after year. This will make him appear as someone with a specific personality. Camps help to break this monotony by allowing the child to reinvent himself. Many New England summer camps allow the children of different schools to intermingle with each other to develop social skills. Nowadays these summer camps offer even art, music, pottery and other unique activities apart from outdoor sports activities like hiking, canoeing, rock climbing etc.

The downside of joining summer camps:

Summer camps may seem a very good option for the all-round development of the child. But there is a certain downside to these camps as well. For instance, camp life sometimes includes physically rigorous activities that can be extremely exhausting for the children. There is also the need to get accustomed to new rules and regulations. In the absence of support of the family, such factors, coupled together can cause an emotional burnout in children. It would take them weeks to recover before they are ready to go back to school. Summer camps also take the children out of their family influence. They are exposed to the world outside the outside influence received in the camps that may not necessarily be positive at all times.

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