Musandam Dibba Tour – Witness What Real Dubai Seems Like

Musandam Dibba Tour – Witness What Real Dubai Seems Like
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Whenever we talk about Dubai, we think of the Dubai desert and the Dubai Marina – add Burj Al Khalifa to the list also. These city attractions make this city a favorite tourist destination. This is the reason why tourists from all over the world visit Dubai in a large number each year. However, in the recent times, Musandam Dibba Tour is becoming a new tourist favorite activity in Dubai. Not only are the tourists, locals also are very much interested in this activity.

Dubai is also quite famous for its Dhow cruises and this is the reason why Musandam Dibba Tour is getting so much praise from the people. The Musandam Tour has a lot to offer to both the tourists and the locals. Phoenix Desert Safari Tours are offering this unique tour and this tour has the following features:

Cruising Over the Musandam Sea

It is not only the Dubai Marina that is scenic, Musandam Sea is something you should not miss. Here you can cruise over the crystal clear blue Musandam Sea that will leave you spellbound for a long time.   

Refreshing Soft Drinks

Imagine the fun of cruising over a beautiful sea with a cocktail and other soft drinks in your hand. At the tour, there is an unlimited supply of soft drinks available that will keep you hydrated and energized.

Buffet Lunch

It is not just a tour but a completely entertaining and rejoicing experience. There is buffet lunch with a large variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items available. The taste of the food you will find here is something you will never get again.

Fruits & Hot Beverages

There are juicy fruits and hot beverages waiting for you at the Musandam Tour. These items will take you to another world which is very delightful.


You will not just cruise over the sea but also get a chance to swim in crystal blue water. The water is very cold in this part of the world which is a great way to kill the scorcher.

These are just some of the features of this tour but when you take this tour, you will get the real value for your money. If you want to know more, check this link right here now.

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