Online betting is becoming popular on each passing day in the UK

Online betting is becoming popular on each passing day in the UK
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In July 2018, England was unable to win the FIFA World Cup. However, one industry in the UK benefitted a lot. That was the online gambling industry.

A report published by the London Times pointed out that estimated bets worth $3.31 billion were at stake during the World Cup from the UK alone. The number indicated an impressive 50 percent hike in betting compared to the previous cup. Overall, fans would have probably spent a similar amount on cafes, pubs, merchandise, drinks, and food in the case of England’s victory.

Advertisements featuring celebrities worked positively for betting sites

In spite of NGOs and government running specific advertisements regarding the disadvantages of gambling, customers preferred to use their hard-earned money on gaming. Perhaps, because it has become safer due to regulations and laws that every betting site needs to follow in the UK.  

Betting terminals have been present in various British streets since the last five decades. This helped online betting sites as they did not have to spend time on the groundwork. Currently, the online gambling industry in the UK is estimated to be worth around $5.7 billion according to GBGC’s data. It is the biggest in the European region.

Players should analyze how much they win and lose annually

Recently, Bournemouth University’s researcher Raian Ali shared a suggestion with the government. He suggested that all the gambling platforms should be asked to share the customers’ data about their activity on the portal with them so that consumers can see how much they have spent and gained during their overall gambling sessions. This would probably help players to calculate if they are perfect in the game or end up losing money every month without earning anything. Even poker portals like Judi Online operating in countries like Indonesia allow players to take a look at the past transactions.

British society also believes banning advertising won’t help

What worked in favor of the online betting sites were the commercials featuring celebrities who promoted betting even during the team’s national anthem. If not all, at least a certain number of the viewers from millions of sports fans from Britain who tuned in to watch the matches felt tempted to try their luck with bets.  The wheels turned in favor of the sites.

The deregulation drive for gambling advertisements introduced since the last decade has helped. Betting sites have even turned into prominent sponsors for some clubs. The Church of England and some politicians are lobbying to get the restrictions back in place again. But, they are having a hard time.  The regulators have recently cracked down on advertisements objecting to the claims about financial gains that players can make. However, that’s not de-motivating the players.

The British society would not support a ban on betting portals’ advertising. It would probably help the black market. Even cigarette and alcohol is sold with a label about side-effects. There are restrictions on the advertisements of such products as well. However, people still voluntarily consume the same products. So, putting limits on advertisements may not yield any positive results for sure.

Currently, there is a balance between betting campaigns and advertisements that discuss the risks involved in gambling.

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