Online marketing plan: 5 keys for its preparation

Online marketing plan: 5 keys for its preparation
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Many companies believe that just having a website is enough to make the leap to the online world. Nothing is further from reality. Any business, from a multinational, to a small company of two people, will need to develop an online marketing plan to succeed on the Internet.

Generating trust and added value is a key point to achieve a sustainable business model in the network. It is very important that you approach your target audience by offering contents of high value to them.

The importance of any marketing plan lies in the planning. A good online marketing plan requires a lot of preparation and research. Do you know how to create a successful online marketing plan?

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5 keys to design an online marketing plan

1- What value do you offer your client? To develop a marketing plan it is necessary to put yourself in the shoes of your clients, understand what their needs are and how our product / service solves them (or only tries). On many occasions, we are obsessed with increasing the number of clients and, that may not be the solution to your problems. If you see that your portfolio is reduced, detect the problem so that you do not suffer more losses of accounts: it is usually cheaper than investing in attracting new consumers.

2- Definition of objectives and strategies. It is convenient to ask in detail what we want to achieve: normally they will be sales, to whom we will direct ourselves (target audience), and how we will achieve it. For this, it is convenient to establish a series of strategies aimed at achieving position and visibility within our sector.

3- Plans once the objectives and strategies have been defined, it is necessary to take action and establish an action plan. The online marketing plan will specify all the actions that we will develop to reach our target audience. For example, a strategy based on Inbound Marketing could have these actions:

– Creation of optimized landing pages: the process of creating a landing page has to be oriented according to the needs of the client.

-SEO: taking care of the aspects related to SEO (choosing carefully the keywords, SEO On Page, the importance of the content,) will help us to increase the visits of our supports.

– Dynamization in Social Networks: Social networks will allow you to achieve a tremendous viralizing effect of your content, attract new customers in a non-intrusive way, and even retain them. By social networks you can find people anytime you want.

-Other actions such as email marketing, lead nurturing (lead cultivation) or lead scoring (lead qualification)

4- The online marketing plan must be characterized by flexibility and measurement. Check the results offered by the metrics you use to see the impact of your business. How many customers have visited you for the first time, how many are loyal, of all, how many end up buying. With this web analytics system (there are payment tools although Google Analytics offers great benefits at zero cost) you will have much easier to find the origins of any problem. You can build the loyalty by using some technologies such as reverse phone search technology.

5- Common mistakes in an online marketing plan.

– Place the objectives at the end of the marketing plan and not quantify those objectives.

– Disperse communication actions. All the actions have to have a common link: the newsletter, the Social Networks, the content of the blog, … must be designed according to objectives and a joint strategy.

The marketing market is a changing sector and very sensitive to technological changes. It is highly advisable that the entrepreneur focus all his efforts on the business, and delegate into the hands of professionals everything related to the online strategy.

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