Play Online Oz Lotto for the Best Odds

Play Online Oz Lotto for the Best Odds
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Lovers of online lottery games do their homework first for the best odds before placing a bet on the game. The best odds of winning will depend with each of the games that are available online. Let’s take for instance the favorite Saturday Lotto game. For Division 1 win in any single game the odds are 1 in 8, 145, 060, and for a Powerball winning a prize, the highest odds are 1 in 43.9. Many Australian Lotto websites offer the best odds, huge jackpots,and impressive features. Among these, which lottery is the best? It will ultimately depend on what a lottery player is looking to get.

Do You Need a Lottery Strategy?

There are several websites available today, and you will get numerous sites that entail lottery strategy. Automated lottery systems may not be the best also to assist you to win a jackpot soon. The lottery is always unpredictable and random, and the numbers you will pick will be pulled just like all other numbers. However, it won’t hurt to try out some strategies when you go play the online lottery game at Oz Lotto lotteries.

Syndicates for Best Odds

Oz Lotto lotteries offer the Syndicate game available on their website. Playing Syndicate game may increase your odds and chances of winning a jackpot. While playing a syndicate, you share the cost of the lotto ticket with other players allowing you to play more games and paying less for the games. Playing extra games will increase your winning chances, and in the case where the syndicate wins, the winning prize gets equally shared between the players in the syndicate group. Most of Oz Lotto players play system tickets, and for this case, if your syndicate ticket wins you get multiple dividends.

If a syndicate player matched two winning numbers and on your Powerball system 12 tickets, then this wins Division 9, totaling to 252 times more. Averagely, to win a jackpot in a syndicated game, over 500 chances of winning gets offered for nearly $50. It translates to 20 times cheaper than if you bought the same amount of tickets, on average. Oz Lotto Syndicates comprise of 10-20 groups of people, and the small sizes allow a perfect equilibrium of increasing your odds and reducing prize shares.

Lottery Wheels

Lottery wheels are another sure way of increasing your chances of winning. The balanced wheeling system provides large groups and plays a scientific combination of the group number getting a specific least win assurance. The system does this by forcing all winning numbers together in the group to give out a prize if all or some of the winning numbers are present in the group. As you continue to wheel more numbers, it will be easy for you to get the winning number in your group. However, for you to get more force for your cash, the maximum number of numbers you need to wheel will be less than 4 or 5. It is above half the numbers in your lottery wheel game.

It translates to wheeling less than 28 out of 45 numbers on Australia Oz Lotto lottery wheel. This, however, means that the player will be after a small guaranteed win while spending more. However, there are other strategies you can employ to wheel the numbers for a higher chance of a big guaranteed success such as by using Trap-by-Overlap. Smart Luck’s lottery players commonly use balanced wheels in addition to the quick luck method of number selection. There is an interactive balanced wheel lottery system available for use to use on Oz Lotto, and it comes for free too.

Choosing Numbers

Every player has their different ways of determining their lucky numbers while playing lottery games. However, there is one fact if you are playing on Oz Lotto Lotteries, that your chances to pick numbers and win are about one in 2 million if you are playing an essential four-game pick.

There is no possible way of predicting that one would undoubtedly win but it is just luck, a statistical variation. How best can you choose your numbers? You may select numbers that are not so common or go for numbers that frequently come up. The NSW Lotteries website depicts John Vineberg’s information on the Oz Lotto’s unluckiest and luckiest numbers as; Unlucky: 36, 42, 38, 30, 24, 14 and 10 and the Lucky: 3, 35, 13, 17, 33, 26 and 25. However, statistically, it will make no difference if you’re lucky seven numbers will come up every week or just once.

If you are planning on playing the lottery regularly, then it would be best if you stick with your own chosen numbers. However, if not very sure of this, you can let the computers make decisions for you. Lottery organizations such as Oz Lotto, Tatts lotteries,and others say that majority of the recent winners used the QuickPick option for their big wins.

Another conventional approach that Lottery players apply is looking for numbers that have not come up for some time, and this based on the theory that if something or someone has not appeared around for a while, then there is a high possibility that they will, same applying to the numbers. Other players would settle on picking of numbers that are larger than 31.

It is from a statistician point of view, Professor Adams, and he suggests that choosing a number that is unusual or unpopular to win will be left with a tiny amount of players with possibilities of winning or sharing the rewards. A vast number of people would go for their birthdays as their lucky numbers, and no date on the calendar is more extensive than 31.

It would be best if you familiarize yourself first with how frequent numbers are picked and choose to select the numbers which get picked more frequently. There is a myriad of Lottery organizations who can offer to share this information for free.

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