Satisfy Your Mediterranean Food Cravings With These Best Restaurants In Towson

Satisfy Your Mediterranean Food Cravings With These Best Restaurants In Towson
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Towson, MD is known for the many amazing colleges in the area, but it is also home to delectable restaurants offering international cuisines, most notably food with a Mediterranean twist. The next time you are in town and craving for something Mediterranean to tickle your taste buds, check out these best restaurants in Towson:

#10 – Cosima

Located in the Jones Fall area, a little further away from Towson proper is this Italian and Mediterranean inspired restaurant that is perfect for a satisfying dinner. Their arancini are a must try!

#9 – Abra

This Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired cafe is also a bit out of the way from Towson, but the eggplant fries and halloumi of this restaurant are worth the drive.

#8 – Moby Dick House Of Kabob

If you are already planning to explore the first two restaurants might as well stop by Moby Dick House Of Kabob as it is also located in the same area. Enjoy the complimentary pita and yogurt as they prepare your orders fresh from the grill.

#7 – Cypriana Of Roland Park

As you get nearer the main Towson area during your Mediterranean food adventure, do not forget to stop by at the Cypriana Of Roland Park to taste their moussaka and have a bite of their delicious lamb rib chops. These alone are worth the extra effort to drive a little out of way.

#6 – Souvlaki Greek Cuisine

Although primarily focused on Greek flavors, Souvlaki Greek Cuisine also offers a great selection of other authentic Mediterranean dishes to satisfy your craving.

#5 – Zoe’s Kitchen

Zoe’s Kitchen is known for their Greek and Mediterranean menu along with their delicious sandwiches. The restaurant is located closer to Towson and is a great place for a quick lunch or an elegant dinner date for two.

#4 – Towson Mediterranean Grill

Finally, a Mediterranean restaurant located within Towson itself that serves up delectable homemade Greek food. It is the perfect breakfast and brunch spot for diners who want an extra dose of the Mediterranean sea with their morning coffee.

#3 – KERB Restaurant

Another great restaurant in town is KERB. The lamb kabob and chicken gyro are must-try menu items. Best of all, the restaurant is very affordable that you can enjoy their food for lunch and dinner without blowing your budget.

#2 – Falafel House Towson

Looking for a vegetarian Mediterranean treat? Visit the Falafel House Towson and enjoy every bite you take. Their falafel wrap will leave you craving for more after each bite.

#1 – 7West Bistro

There is no question that when you are in Towson 7West Bistro is a must visit. It is considered one of the best restaurants in Towson overall. Whether you are craving for authentic Mediterranean food or just good old American favorites with the twist, 7West Bistro should be on top of your food adventure list.

A visit to Towson is never complete without sampling the different Mediterranean restaurants in town. Make sure you have the extra room in your belly because you are going to want to try everything!

7 West Bistro is on top of the list of best restaurants in Towson. We offer delicious but affordable Mediterranean and American-inspired dishes.

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