The 5 Incredible Skin Care Benefits of Hemp Oil

The 5 Incredible Skin Care Benefits of Hemp Oil
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Hemp oil derives from the Cannabis plant which is more commonly known as Marijuana. Although, this plant has developed a controversial rap mainly due to the fact that the recreational version has caused individuals to become high. However, quality hemp oil is processed to remove the THC chemical, which is the main component in causing individuals to feel high. Because of this reason hemp oil is now used for medicinal purpose. Quality hemp or CBD oil has been effective in helping relieve stomach upset, relieve anxiety, help eliminate seizures just to name a few of the benefits it has to our overall health. But there is another benefit to hemp oil that we may not all be too familiar with that hemp oil is actually beneficial to our overall skin. In fact, off hand, we can name five different hemp oil benefits for skin

Moisturizer: Hemp oil is enriched with Omega fatty acids and lipids which makes it an ideal moisturizer for any area or our body. Just cleanse the skin as normally done with a skin cleanser or soap and water. Then pat dry then add the hemp oil to the skin as you would apply any other moisturizer.

Dietary Supplement: Taking hemp oil as a supplement will not only benefit our overall health but will benefit our skin as well. Hemp oil is totally natural and safe to ingest along with help to prevent skin conditions such as varicose veins.

Acne and Rashes: Hemp oil will help clear up skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis just to name a few of the commonly known skin conditions. When using it for skin irritations again it can be applied directly to the skin after cleansing and it can also be ingested as well.

Rich in other supplements beneficial to skin: Besides the aforementioned fatty acids hemp oil has vitamin E and A. There are also trace amount of potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium. All supplements that benefit the overall healthy glow of the skin.

Used in Cosmetics and Lotions: Something many of us may not be aware of but hemp oil is now being used as an ingredient in high-quality cosmetics in lotions on the market. But there is no guarantee of how much of the product is actually used. In other to get the optimal hemp oil benefits for skin going to a high-quality pure form of the product is recommended.

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