Things To Consider When Hiring IT Staffing Agencies

by Donald Phillips | February 11, 2019 10:15 am

Simple and sober, the major element in your relation with an IT staffing agency is the quality of employees and applicants you get. A small investigation and evaluation beforehand will save your money, time, effort and result in a long term business relationship. Here are some points which you should consider before hiring IT staffing agencies[1]:

Team structure: Finding out how an agency’s team is constructed is important in finding out which prospective agency will prove to be best in helping you with IT staffing. A lot of staffing firms are sales heavy. In today’s world, you need to select an agency that delivers candidates which you need.

Find out how the agency appoints and retains its personnel: Check out the weeds, see the job postings, ads, social media sites and find their sourcing strategies and how they maintain contact with passive applicants. When appointed IT consultants, make sure to ask about their agency’s fringe advantages to see if they can literally attract the kind of employees you need.

Niche vs. Normal: No agency is fully transparent about their techniques, but a reliable company will share some of their techniques about the work they do for your business. Find out if their techniques are relevant according to you? See what their best practices are. It is important to find out if the staffing agency specializes in Information Technology or they work in different sectors also. Surely, staffing firms which specialize in IT will have better and focused relationships with hundreds.

What does staffing agency seek from their client: Well, the best staffing companies don’t work with every company! If you want to team up with an agency that gives you the candidates that you desire, then you need to treat them in a similar manner. Make sure you maintain a good and strong reputation of your company.

Assess your communication and pen down your impressions: When a tech hiring firm contacts you via mail or call, the first thing to note down is their business style. The management practices of a firm showcase the quality of workers who come to work in your workplace. When you join hands with a recruiting firm, they represent your employer brand and work as your HR department extension.

Should the IT recruiting firm have specialized experience: surely, some of your company’s most difficult to occupy positions will need brilliant knowledge and exposure to the best IT practices in your sector. No matter in what niche you are working, your staffing agency should have a background in it.

Shop around till you get the perfect one: you can ask for references. You can also consider the agency’s clientele base before hiring one. Find out about their internal turnover. Invite the representative to your office to explain your company’s culture and find out about their company’s culture. Find out about the fee system.

With these tips, you will be able to choose the best IT staffing agencies for your company and have a good list of candidates in your kitty.

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