Top 6 Reasons to Get a Spinal Adjustment  

Top 6 Reasons to Get a Spinal Adjustment  
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A spinal adjustment is oftentimes looked at as the standard chiropractic procedure, sometimes given a bit too frequently. However, the treatment is ideal for patients looking for pain relief without the use of pain medications that could cause harmful side effects. It’s also ideal for those trying to prevent a surgery in the future.

  1. Back Pain

A chiropractic adjustment helps those who suffer from lower back pain in Fort Worth, TX. Oftentimes, back pain is caused by a misalignment of the spine that places pressure on the surrounding nerves or tissue. An alignment performed by a chiropractor repositions the vertebrae in the spine, so they don’t place pressure on or around the discs.

  1. Migraines

A majority of people suffer from primary headaches caused by muscle tension in your neck. It doesn’t help that people remain fixed in front of a computer or hovering over their phone or tablet for hours, which leads to joint irritation and muscle tension that affects the upper back and neck. A chiropractic alignment takes pressure off of the nearby joints and nerves in the neck, ultimately relieving some of your headache pain.

  1. Healthy Pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy entails more than just eating right. It’s important to keep your stress levels to a minimum. You might want to keep yourself comfortable as well since you want to remember your pregnancy as a positive experience. Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy will help to relieve any back pain you have including sciatica pain and discomfort. An adjustment will realign the spine, so blood circulates more optimally throughout your back and to the rest of your body.

  1. Neck

In addition to treating lower back pain in Fort Worth, TX, a chiropractic adjustment also helps ease pain in your neck. Oftentimes, from poor posture, the muscles are stressed in the upper back or neck. During the alignment, the chiropractor puts the vertebrae in the upper back and neck in place using gentle force.

  1. Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you have inflammation in your joints, which causes you pain and discomfort and may even limit your mobility. A spinal alignment helps relieve any pressure being placed on the joints from the vertebrae. The procedure is noninvasive, so the patient won’t feel discomfort during the treatment.

  1. Decrease in Medications and Other Treatments

If you’re receiving chiropractic treatments for your lower back pain and other discomfort, you could be preventing serious medical intervention in the future. Standard medical treatments get costly quickly. You might be able to take lower doses or no medication at all to help combat your pain when you seek a chiropractic alignment. It doesn’t help that surgery will require downtime and possibly time off work. With chiropractic care, you can eliminate your need for surgery in the future.


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