What Are Common Refrigerator Issues Which Can Be Easily Fixed

What Are Common Refrigerator Issues Which Can Be Easily Fixed
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With regular use of refrigerator, you can come across several different types of issues in it. There can be different types of components in a fridge that can malfunction. Here are discussed a few issues such as over-cycling and frost that may deteriorate the performance of your refrigerator.  You need to try simple fixes before taking help of a professional.

It is cycling very frequently

A refrigerator that continuously runs is not just noisy but also impacts your wallet. The refrigerator is one of the highly power-intensive devices in the home. By making it run more than its usual capacity can spike your power bills. The buildup of dust and debris around its condenser coil could be the reason why a refrigerator run too much. Godrej is one of the leading refrigerator manufacturer firms that provide exemplary quality devices and expert assistance.

This can be seen when living in a dusty environment or having pets. The solution for this problem is to identify the location of grill. Remove the buildup of burnt by the help of a vacuum cleaner. With the help of a brush and wipe cloth, you can clean the leftover debris. Once the coil is cleaned, put it back again and switch on the refrigerator.

Water leakage

Leakage of water and accumulation of water under the refrigerator is not a good sign. There are two causes of this problem. One is the blocked defrost drain. This result when debris or food particles clogs the hose of drain hose. The result is building of ice and water leaking outside the refrigerator and freezer.

One of the solutions to this problem is flush the drain with warm water. For this purpose, you can use a small funnel, pipe cleaner or a turkey baster. If it does not solve the issue, then you need to manually eliminate the debris and check valve present at the end of drain hose.

Building of ice inside the freezer

Many people experience the problem of ice getting build up inside the freezer. This can be due to sudden frost on the interior of the freezer. It prevents the door of freezer to close and open easily. There are a few quick and simple fixes to this problem. When the door of the freezer is left open for a long time, then it increases humidity levels in the freezer. This can result in building up of frost and ice.

To resolve this issue, you need to pull the fridge out from the wall. Get someone to lean the refrigerator back so as to reach the 2 front pedestal feet. Now screw both feet in outward direction a few turns. This ensures that the doors will close on their own and water drains properly from the freezer unit and refrigerator. Also, if the problem doesn’t solve by doing this, then you may have a poorly functioning defrost timer.


The refrigerator is one of the very important appliances that is used in a house. Its smooth operation helps in keeping it in the best running state and keeping food fresh.

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