What is the danger of trading on the forums?

by Donald Phillips | November 9, 2018 10:15 am

Yes, this sale option brings the highest effective cost for the gear. That is, by selling your skin in this way, you can get up to 80% of the cost in Steam. However, the human factor plays an important role. Everyone wants benefits, and the one who decided to buy skins “with hands” wants it doubly. Therefore, a potential buyer with all sorts of manipulations and tricks will try to bring down the price of your product. He will put pressure on pity or come up with something else and, most likely, will achieve his goal, because you have been waiting for this client for so long and are already anticipating the smell of money.

Nevertheless, even this is not the worst, because the buyer may not be a buyer at all, but a fraudster who will assure you of his crystal clear intentions, and then brazenly leave you without skins and without money. The most annoying thing is that he will just get away with it, and you will be left with nothing. Who would like it at all? Right, no one!

Unfortunately, a huge number of various scammers have been divorced on social networks and on similar forums, who are just waiting for unsuspecting victims. Remember that all transactions you do at your own risk. Nobody will punish the swindler, but in your case, after such a bad life experience, the desire to sell skins may disappear for a long time.

Trade CS GO things on Skinsmarket instant sales?

There is no catch. Of course, services take a commission, but the user usually warns this in advance. If we talk about the percentage that the platforms take to themselves – they are higher than when using the first two methods, but not by a lot. For example, Skinsmarket is inferior to marketplaces by an average of 3%. However, it is possible to compensate for these costs with a bonus program. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with all the extra pluses that the selected resource can offer before using. In any case, in order to make good money on CS GO, you just need to play, while enjoying it and the opportunity to sell skins will always be there.

In general, if previously playing CS GO to sell a cheap drop that fell after the game was difficult, now there are no problems with that. Games without investments have become a good way to improve your financial situation, but you already know about the main ways of earning money on CS GO. It only remains to wish you a successful trade on the Skinsmarket!

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