What to do If You Have Been Arrested for a Drug Crime

What to do If You Have Been Arrested for a Drug Crime
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Being arrested for drugs can be a truly terrifying experience. It is designed to have such an effect. The authorities want you to feel intimidated and without hope. They want you to feel the pressure of being in custody and behind bars. However, you must keep calm. You are innocent until proven guilty. And if you have done nothing wrong, then you should not make any sort of confession.

Indeed, the best thing to do is to keep silent. The arresting officers may try to coax you into making a statement by suggesting that things will go easier for you. Do not fall for this ploy. You should exercise your Fifth Amendment right to say nothing that will incriminate you.

On Your Side

Once your lawyer arrives, they will advise you as to the questions you have to answer. If you are not up to answering questions, then your lawyer will speak for you. It is important to remember that your lawyer is the only person on your side. The authorities have only one aim: a confession and conviction. You should not utter a word until you have consulted with a lawyer such as the ones found at brianzeiger.com.

Your lawyer will also look at the evidence the police have against you. Law enforcement officials often exaggerate the evidence they have against people in their custody. If your lawyer sees that they have nothing that links you to a crime, they will arrange for your release.

Establishing Your Defense

If there is enough to hold you and pursue the case, your lawyer will proceed to build your defense. They will ask you to recall the events that led to your arrest. This can be the key to challenging the state’s evidence. Police investigations tend to focus on places and persons. The authorities may have had a particular space under surveillance or a particular person in their sights. When they went in for the arrest, they may have taken everyone into custody, including you. However, you cannot go to jail for being associated with someone who does drugs. Nor can you be convicted of a crime for being in a place in which crimes are committed.

Your lawyer will point out the shortcomings of the prosecutions evidence against you and highlight the logical flaws in their argument. They will be able to introduce enough reasonable doubt into the case to turn it in your favor.

Getting You a Deal

It may so happen that you were involved in a drug crime. Everyone makes mistakes. Out of desperation or pressure you may have found yourself involved in something you now regret. All is not lost. The police may be investigating a larger drug organization and the figures in it and believe you can help them. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate with prosecutors and strike a deal in which you provide them with information in exchange for a lighter or suspended sentence.

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