What will bring a competent motivation for employees

What will bring a competent motivation for employees
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Three axes, which we focus on when choosing a job
Any person constantly evaluates his position at work on the following three axes (his overall satisfaction is determined by the sum of the achieved indicators and taking into account the weight of one or another axis at a given time). Here is their list:

The “material” axis provides an opportunity for existence in a modern society (money).
The “social” axis is responsible for the relationship of the person with his environment (at work – this is the leader, colleagues, clients).
The “mental” axis is responsible for the state of our ego (a person is satisfied with his life, if what he does is in accordance with his ideas about “what is good and what is bad”).

If the head properly stimulates his employees, then in a few weeks will be seen a positive result.
–  Workers begin to take more responsible approach to the performance of their official duties;
–   Improves the quality and productivity of labor;
–   Production indicators are improving;
–  Employees have a team spirit;
–  Decreases the “turnover” of the staff;
–  The company begins to develop rapidly, and so on.
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Tips for novice businessmen

If you are a start-up entrepreneur, you must correctly motivate your employees:
–  First, always positively adjust the subordinates to do the work;
–  Second, ensure satisfaction of the basic needs of employees;
–  Third, create comfortable working conditions;
–  Fourth, be loyal to your employees.

In addition, use the following tips:
–   Be interested in the lives of subordinates, ask about their needs;
–  Do not scold employees about and without reason. It is better to help accomplish the work that the employee does     not cope with. After failures of workers are failures of heads;
–  Periodically do the analysis. Conduct surveys, questionnaires, make work diaries and internal reporting;
–  Pay extra bonuses and incentives.

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